5 heart healthy tips

Five heart-healthy tips you can start doing right now. Number one: aim for sleeping seven to 9 hours. In a large study looking at adults over 45, people sleeping less than 6 hours a night had twice the risk of heart attack or stroke than those who slept more.

Number two: move more. In another large study, they found that the people who sat around the most had a higher risk of 147% increased risk in heart disease events and a 90% increased risk of death.

Number three: Floss. Go ahead and make sure that you’re flossing those teeth. Not just for healthy gums, healthy teeth, bright smile, but also to protect your heart and blood vessels. The bacteria in your mouth can get into your gums, get into the bloodstream and cause inflammation.

Number four: stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke.

And last but not least, number five, aim for healthy blood pressure. What’s normal? Less than 120 over 80. There you have it.

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