Health Benefits of Vitamin K2: Heart, Bone, Cancer, Kidney Health and more


Vitamin K2 is an essential nutrient for bone health, but did you know it’s also linked to heart health, cancer prevention, and even weight loss? In this video, I’ll cover what vitamin k2 is, why it’s important to have enough in your diet, and how it plays a role in everything from heart disease to osteoporosis to chronic kidney disease and even brain health.


0:00 Intro
0:30 Background of Vitamin K1 and K2
1:17 Sources of K1 and K2
2:26 Recommended intake of K2
2:46 What type of K2 has the best absorption
3:39 K2 and Heart and blood vessel
5:12 K2 and bone health
6:02 K2 and liver cancer
6:32 K2 and Kidney health
7:38 K2 and immune system
8:02 K2 and brain health
8:44 K2 and weight loss
9:06 Bottom line


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