Plant-Based Diet vs. the SAD Diet: Results from Adventist Health Study


Let’s look at vegans versus a standard American diet. It turns out that when you compare vegans to the Western diet, vegans had a 26% lower risk of non-cardiovascular non-cancer mortality. Also, if you looked at Pesco vegetarians, meaning people who are predominantly vegan but still eating fish, they had a 19% reduction in all-cause mortality. They had a 35% reduction in ischemic heart disease and a 29% reduction in non-cardiovascular non-cancer mortality. So, the bottom line is that as you shift towards a predominantly whole food plant-based diet, you start to see all sorts of benefits, not just in terms of all-cause mortality, which is the risk of dying from any disease, but specific causes such as heart disease, cancer and so forth. And there you have it, another great reason to modify your diet starting today.


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