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How healthy is Coconut Oil?

It seems like everyone is into coconut oil these days. Lots of celebrities, chefs, trainers, nutritionists claim coconut oil can help with weight loss, cardiovascular disease, immune function and even cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s.  Let’s look at what the evidence…

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Whole grains for weight loss

Study Design: This was a 6-week randomized, single-blind, parallel-arm controlled- feeding study. All the food and drinks were provided throughout the study. In fact, the participants were asked to eat breakfast at the research center 3x The study included 49…

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A diet for cancer?

Bottom Line: The optimal diet to reduce the risk of breast, prostate, colorectal, lung and possibly other cancers contains the following components: Decreased amounts of refined sugar and concentrated unrefined sugar like honey, evaporated cane juice. Decreased red and processed…

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