The Optimal daily intake of fruits, vegetables, salt and sugar


There’s so much talk out there about healthy eating. And by now everybody has heard fruits, vegetables, cutting out salt is good for you. But the question is, do people follow it? The answer is no. If you look at the average American, they eat only about one to one and a half cups of vegetables per day. Recommendation: two to three cups a day. Fruit-wise, they only eat about less than a cup of food a day. Once again, recommendation two to three cups a day. How about sodium? Typical American gets over 3500 milligrams of sodium per day. Recommendation-less than 2300. And what about sugar? The typical American gets 13% of their calories from added sugars. Recommendation-less than 10%. Bottom line: eat lots of whole foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, and cut down on added sugars.



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