Three Types of Intermittent Fasting


We have so much data on how fasting is really good for you. But some of you have been asking a question-what are the different types of fasting? Here’s a basic understanding of the three main types in the intermittent fasting category.  The first one is time-restricted feeding (TRF or TRE). Very simply, you have a daily eating window of roughly about six to 10 hours, and the rest of the time is fasting. During fasting, you are not to consume anything with calories in there. So water would be a great example. The next one is modified fasting. The classic example is the five and two method. Here you fast on two non-consecutive days every single week. So maybe eat regularly for two or three days, fast one day and then repeat. Lastly, there’s the alternate day fasting where you eat normally for one day fast for another.


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