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About us

Meet the founders and the wonderful group of dedicated volunteers

Our Mission & Vision

It sparked with health, both my sister’s and mine, and ignited when I saw how nutrition and lifestyle could make loved ones’ lives better. Today, I provide evidence-based health, nutrition, and wellness research and information to help everyone live their best lives. In addition, my team and I support children’s education worldwide with school supplies, scholarships, and more. Each member of our Board of Directors volunteers both time and money to this endeavor. SELF Principle is one of the few non-profits where every dollar you give goes directly to help a child in need. The Board covers the non-profit’s administrative expenses out of our own pockets, unlike other 501(c)(3) organizations. We’re also “boots on the ground,” supplying low-income children in the US and around the world with the educational supplies they need to succeed.

My Story

Have You Ever Looked Around And Thought: “There’s Got To Be More"

You’re not sure what that might look like, but there’s an empty place in your life that needs to be filled with… something. SELF Principle is my life’s mission: to serve others and make an impact in this world. I’m so grateful for everything I have in life and want the opportunity to give back to others.

Here’s how it all started for me…

My Childhood

As a young child growing up in Pakistan, I was bedridden for months with a severe case of measles, I remember the only thing I could stomach was milk and 7-Up. Doctors told my parents I would not live, but somehow I survived. Plagued with severe health and digestive problems for years afterward, my childhood experience with doctors and health and digestive issues created a spark inside that needed to catch fire.

My First Experience With Death

When I was ten years old, my family and I moved to the United States, where we struggled to make ends meet. My sister—four years older—had epilepsy, and one night, she had a seizure while sleeping. I remember my mother shaking me awake to help. I called 911, and the dispatcher walked me through performing CPR. I was a 20-year-old boy, and I tried my best, but I couldn’t save her. Both tragic and ironic, my sister had signed me up for a CPR class beginning the next week. I’ve always wondered… If… I’d had the class sooner If… we had more money If… she had the right medical treatment At my sister’s funeral, I made a promise to become a doctor.

My Career And Family

Fortunately, I got my medical degree and married my soulmate. We wanted a family but struggled because of my wife’s pulmonary hypertension and lupus. I wanted to help my wife manage her debilitating illness. Since college, I was interested in how nutrition and lifestyle affect health. My quest was to find the right foods and lifestyle habits that would give her control over her health and her life. It took years of trying and much heartache, but today we have two beautiful daughters. We couldn’t be happier or more grateful.

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